Ścieżki rowerowe 2011 – EN/LT (PDF)

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Bicycle route along the banks of the river Neris (the length – 18,2 km) is designed for a peaceful recreational and exploratory trip. We recommend this route only for experienced cyclists. Since there are no fences bordering the banks of the river Neris. The track is not recommended for taking small children cycling alone. Inexperienced cyclists can take a part of the route stretching to Žvėrynas and Vingio park. If you transport your bicycle by car, you can start from the parking lot at Business, Entertainment and Sports Centre “Forum Palace” (Konstitucijos pr. 26). From the parking lot you can circle Žvėrynas by taking the path along the riverside and then get onto the pinery of Vingio park by the suspension bridge. You can reach the other riverside by taking the path that goes down
the slope. After passing five bridges along the riverside, just before Mindaugo bridge you will go up Þygimantø street leading to Gediminas’ castle. If you proceed along the bicycle path you will find yourself on Sluškų and P. Vileišio streets leading to Antakalnio and Šilo bridge. After crossing Ðilo bridge you will get to Žirmūnai from where you can take a safe bicycle path on the way to the city centre. In order to get to the lower riverside of the Neris we recommend going down the road just before Antakalnio bridge. You can extend this route by another 5 km if you do not cross Šilo bridge but instead choose to cycle up to Valakupių bridge. By the time you finish this route you will have seen ten bridges across the river Neris.

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